Scots Poems with Images

Caerlaverock, driftin
deed in the waater,
broken waas gapin
like battle scars.
Pride an pain
etched in red stane.
Carcass o a castle,
history, hingin...
                            ...fae its banes.
New Licht

Thir’s flicker o licht,
spredin across yon ferns
that hae sproutit owernicht,
or sae it seems tae me.
Maybe a’ve lernt tae luik,
noo a’ve had the time,
tae gether-in this wirld
an speir the sichts o simmer.

By photos,poetry and haiku by Derek Ross

I am a photographer/ poet from Dumfries in South West Scotland. I concentrate on minimalist images and prefer using an iPhone these days. As far as my writing is concerned, I usually write short poems (some in Scots dialect), hence my interest in haiku and related forms.


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