The Windae

The Windae

If ye held up yer haun,
Aa the colours o a watergaw
Wid dance aroon yer fingers,

An the waarmth o the Sun
Wid singe the langer
O a boyhood efternin.

We’d watch the dust churnin
In the licht that lanced through
The broken stain-gless windae,

An staun on the very spot
Whar the rays split the stane
O the age-weathered flair.

The broken kirk wis oors,
Jist fir a wee while, we’d savour
Every shiver o the place.

We’d feel it then, richt enough,
Yon feelin o no bein alane,
O sumthin burnin beyon oorsels.

Or, maybe, it wis jist kenin
We wir sumwhar we shouldnae be,
An yon spark we felt within us

Wis jist the ghost o a candle flame,
Flickerin in the derk, refusin
Tae gan oot withoot a ficht.

By photos,poetry and haiku by Derek Ross

I am a photographer/ poet from Dumfries in South West Scotland. I concentrate on minimalist images and prefer using an iPhone these days. As far as my writing is concerned, I usually write short poems (some in Scots dialect), hence my interest in haiku and related forms.


      1. I visit your blog because of the beauty your poetry and photography convey. I find the Scottish brogue through the unique spellings of the words to be pure magic. On a side note, I’m unable to click the like button on the comment you left for me above, but know that I tried several times. 🙂 It’s probably a WordPress thing…


    1. Thank you so much Richard, means a lot from you. I gave the Camera Club a miss last year as I’ve lost the competitive aspect of photography and wanted too “free myself “ to concentrate on combining minimalist photography and writing. If that doesn’t sound too arty fatty! 😱🤗Anyway this site is one of the best things I’ve tried. Will be back to Club after all this pandemic stuff tho. Hope your well.


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