OK, this is a bit self indulgent, but I have come to enjoy playing around with acrylics. I have had no teaching whatsoever except from Mr YouTube. Given the present circumstances, I found scraping paint on canvas a very mindful practice. Every try was an adventure, but hey!, it was fun and that was enough for me.

Sun Fall
Standing Proud
Flower Heads
Trees and Birds
Abstract #1
Abstract #2
Abstract #3
Imbalance #1
Imbalance #2


Low Tide, Mersehead

Low Tide, Mersehead.
 The sea has left
 Only its taste.
 Salt in the air,
 Caked-dry lips.
The tide has gone,                                                                                                                                                          beyond reach,
Beyond sight,
A soundless distance.
 All we have
 Is the wide promise
 Of a return,
 Another beginning.
 Derek Ross.

Old Dyke, Balloch Wood

 April followed us
 through Balloch Wood.
 We could feel its promise
 brush against our faces.
 Spring  hung heavy
 in the dew-filled air
 mixing with our breath
 as we walked further in.
 Then we found it,
 an old stone dyke,
 moss covered, tumbled,
 hidden in the depths.
 It was going
 nowhere, encircling 
 nothing, its reason
 long since lost to us.
 But it belonged.
 Somehow, this space
 was where it dared
 both time and season.
 We left, knowing
 that even spring
 could not breath
 life into cold stone.
 We emerged,
 confirmed in our belief,
 that crumbling walls,
 are the best walls of all.
                                                          Derek Ross