Solway Poems

Stake-Lines i This string of stakes sticking out of solway sand, they are like the ribs, of some great leviathan, that, having spawned, beached itself and died, out of empathy perhaps, with the salmon that its skeleton now traps. ii If I stand here very still, and use an auditory knife to cleanse this carcass… Continue reading Solway Poems

Scots Poems with Images

CAERLAVEROCK CASTLE Caerlaverock, driftin deed in the waater, broken waas gapin like battle scars. Pride an pain etched in red stane. Carcass o a castle, history, hingin…                         …fae its banes. New Licht Thir’s flicker o licht, spredin across yon ferns that hae sproutit… Continue reading Scots Poems with Images


Welcome to my blog “Photos-Poetry-Haiku”. I hope you enjoy your visit. I am an Amateur Photographer / Poet from Dumfries in beautiful South West Scotland. I enjoy Minimalist Photography, sometimes single images, sometimes multiple images on a theme. Most images here will be in colour but I’ll include black and white images too. My poems… Continue reading Welcome

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