Blue Shell

Being arty f***y with a shell and some rocks on the shore. (well maybe two shells since I stood on one 😱) Amazing how you can get lost in yourself with something so simple!

Ayr Auld Kirk

Ayr’s Auld Kirk, dedicated to St John the Baptist, dates to 1654 and was built with compensation money received from Oliver Cromwell, paid for the loss of the Church of St John the Baptist which had been turned into a fortress by Parliamentary troops and was situated near Ayr shorefront.  Robert Burns is said to… Continue reading Ayr Auld Kirk

The Lookoot

In one of the UK’s worst peacetime sea disasters. The lives of 133 people were lost when the car ferry Princess Victoria, sailing between Stranraer and Larne, sank in a ferocious gale off the Co Down coast on January 31, 1953. The Lookoot Leanin oan the auld herber waa, he’d stare at the mooth o… Continue reading The Lookoot

Repentance Tower and Trailtow Chapel Graveyard, Hoddom, Scottish Borders.

Not exactly a Kirk this one, but there is a graveyard within the tower’s enclosure, so it counts as far as I’m concerned. Especially when you consider the wee climb I had to make to get there! The view from the tower is magnificent though.        Repentance Tower was erected in 1563 within… Continue reading Repentance Tower and Trailtow Chapel Graveyard, Hoddom, Scottish Borders.

Auld Mortality

Robert Paterson (1715–1801), known as “Old Mortality”, was a stonemason who took it upon himself to travel around lowland Scotland carving inscriptions for the unmarked graves of Covenanters martyred in the 17th century. Walter Scott made him a principal character in his novel Old Mortality (1816). Auld Mortality Ye left yer mark in mony a… Continue reading Auld Mortality

Dalswinton Barony Church

How can you not take a picture of this wee church situated in deepest Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Built in 1881 some 0.6km south-east of Dalswinton hamlet, the church is one of the few remaining examples of ‘tin’ churches that were popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The owner of the Dalswinton Estate at… Continue reading Dalswinton Barony Church