Stake Nets

Stake Nets These stake nets; stitch the sands to the sky, knit the present to the past, join the horizon to where we stand. These stake nets; are slowly parting as years stretch the thread, unpicking our story, leaving us divided… …leaving us behind. Derek Ross


Little Dalton Kirk The ruins of Little Dalton Kirk (DUMFRIESSHIRE, SCOTLAND) can be found on the banks of the Dalton Burn to the NW of the village of Dalton. It lies off the road from Dormont and Mouswald and can be easily missed. The Kirk dates from the  15th century with some masonary dating to… Continue reading LITTLE DALTON OLD KIRK

Solway Stakenets

Once, a fairly common sight along the Solway Coast, the Scottish side anyway. Now, most seem unused and remind me of skeletons. These are some images of the Stakenets between Sandyhills and Portling on the Solway coast. (Oh , and some horses. )

Closeburn Old Kirk

The remains of the former parish church, rebuilt in 1741 incorporating the remains of its predecessor and in use until 1878 when its successor was built. Norman fragments survive and a 10th.c Anglian cross-shaft (now in Dumfries Museum) and a grave-slab of similar date, preserved in the porch of the modern church in 1920, but… Continue reading Closeburn Old Kirk


Cairnholy A pair of Clyde-type chambered cairns situated on a hillside above Wigtown Bay at Kirkdale Glen, near Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries and Galloway. Cairnholy may be derived from “Cairn Ulaidh”’ meaning “Treasure Cairn”. The smaller of the two cairns is also called “The Tomb of Galdus”, which is highly unlikely as the cairn was… Continue reading Cairnholy


Snow It is the cold that sparkles. It is the slow crump and sink. It is the shift and drift. It is frozen breath. It is icicles on branches. It is the pure sky. snow fall that silence growing deeper Derek Ross.

Kirk (Church) Project

I enjoy history and photography. Some of the best places where these two interests come together are old Kirks (Churches) and Graveyards. I hasten to add that I am not a religious person, but I do find the history of such places to be fascinating. They were, after all, the centre of towns and communities… Continue reading Kirk (Church) Project

Solway Sands

Solway Sands The sea has gone, leaving only ribbed sand as a legacy. The departed tide has scoured this place. The very air is clean. The stage is set, a wind from the wings hints of change to come. There is salt in the air, beyond the horizon, a new sea gathers. Derek Ross


Heron  The Nith is full and pours through the town. A heron stands, head-still above it all. It is waiting,                                                                       … Continue reading Heron