Sea and Stone The air is full of the sea. I can feel my feet sink into the sand at the tide’s edge. In my hand I have a stone. My eyes are closed. A woman is helping her child to walk down a rocky shore. Where the water begins they stop. Before them lies… Continue reading Haibun


night tide a small wave shatters the moon still water looking at myself looking back muted colours waiting for memories to blossom a shadow unfolds butterfly! the stars have gone dew drops glisten on the willow tree the small bird lets go the branch drops the world


Paths I am walking along familiar paths, listening to bird song drifting down from the same old sky. Yet, there is a change in the air, a shift, a new old same old. Beneath that tree, a broken shell, a feather. Winter Jetty There is a beauty In the cold, In the white loch, In… Continue reading Poetry

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