Castle Loch Jetties, Lochmaben

These have been renewed in the past few years, but still great structures for photography. Lochmaben is in Dumfriesshire, South West Scotland.

Galloway Levellers 1724-25

The Galloway Levellers were armed groups of small tenant farmers and crofters, including men, women and children, who roamed the SW of Scotland taking militant action against local landowners who wanted to enclose their land and evict them to make way for cattle. Beginning at Kelton Hill, the Levellers therefore began to ‘level’ the walls… Continue reading Galloway Levellers 1724-25

Trailflat Church and Churchyard

The remains of the medieval parish church of Trailflat stand within its burial-ground in a commanding position looking out across the low-lying undulating terrain which opens out into Annandale. It was granted to Kelso Abbey in the 12th century. The parish was united with Tinwald in 1650, and the church was partly ruinous by 1684.… Continue reading Trailflat Church and Churchyard

Tinwald to Torthorwald

Tinwald to Torthorwald (April 2021.) I’m walking along the High Road between Tinwald and Torthorwald, from the “meeting place”, to “Thorold’s Hill”, as the Norse and Saxon named them. How many souls have passed this way?, from field to field, from mound to motte, have looked out over the Lochar Moss, to the Sulwath and… Continue reading Tinwald to Torthorwald

St. Kintergen’s Churchyard

The cemetery is known locally as St. Kentigern’s. According to tradition, St Kentigern, who is also known as St. Mungo, came to Hoddom in 573 when returning to Glasgow after exile in Wales.At Hoddom he founded a monastery before returning to Glasgow where he became the city’s patron Saint.The site was famous for its large… Continue reading St. Kintergen’s Churchyard


Who doesn’t like steam trains then?!

Old Southwick

Old Southwick Graveyard You need to know where this is! It is situated  down a very narrow side road a mile from Coulkerbush travelling towards Colvend on the A710, Dumfriesshire, Scotland. In the centre of the graveyard is the ruins of the original Southwick Church. It is mentioned in Bagimonds Roll of 1275. Edward 1… Continue reading Old Southwick

Mill Pond, Duncow

Mill Pond, Duncow The mill pond is calm, yet deep enough to hold the sky and all its clouds. Trees sink slowly deeper, waving as they carry the sun in their branches. A ripple of birds spread ever outwards, until they slip the world. Derek Ross


Just inside the entrance, there is a soldier with a list. He is sitting behind a collapsable picnic table. He holds out his hand and I pass him the letter from my inside pocket.  The soldier examines it, searches his list and strikes off my name with a pink highlighter. He drops my letter into… Continue reading List

Kirkbean Parish Church

Kirkbean Parish has many connections with the United States, so it is perhaps fitting that the distinctive former Parish Church was built in 1776 – the year of American Independence. However, the upper tower was not added until 1835. Towards the end of the 19th century, the sanctuary was refurbished with Victorian church furnishings. Kirkbean… Continue reading Kirkbean Parish Church