Auld Brig, Dumfries.

Auld Brig, Dumfries. Was it just Monday that the sun shone? So much rain, since then, so much has flowed beneath the Auld Brig. But it’s still there, still strong enough to endure the torrent. Still carrying us from one side…                            …to… Continue reading Auld Brig, Dumfries.

Cup and Ring

Cup and Ring Marks, or Cup Marks, are a form of prehistoric art found in the Atlantic seaboard of Europe. There are particularly nice examples in my native South West Scotland. Their meaning remains a mystery and, hopefully, always will be. open field stone pages laid open strolling eyes in the stone follow reaching out… Continue reading Cup and Ring


I’m very lucky to live near a wood, especially in these troubled times. A great place to centre yourself and indulge in some much needed mindfulness.


Walking The moon fell through the tree tops And time became a gentle thing. I walked on wrapped within myself Hearing only my heart and birdsong. Time became a gentle thing That fell with the autumn leaves. Hearing only my heart and birdsong, I walked alone, content. Falling with the autumn leaves, A light rain… Continue reading Walking


Just as Spring starts to show itself, a wee poem about Autumn. Ah well… October October taps on my bedroom window. A cold sound, relentless. Out there, Autumn slowly kills, in its usual,                    beautiful way. First light reveals a golden irony. Leaves wave from cold branches.… Continue reading October

Charles Hamilton Sorley

I’ve been asked to come up with a short poem (two 4 line verses) about a deceased, under-rated / under-valued hero of Scotland. I remembered one of my favourite WW1 poets, Charles Hamilton Sorley. He was born in Aberdeen in 1895, sent to France in May 1915 and was killed in October of that year… Continue reading Charles Hamilton Sorley

wind farm

Red Kites have been successfully reintroduced to south west Scotland in recent years.


Kinderdijk I am trying to read the sails of windmills. I have read that the position a miller stopped his sails had a meaning. They could pass on news of a birth, or a death. They could even indicate if the miller was taking a short break, or a long one. All academic now, of… Continue reading Kinderdijk