Trailflat Parish Church

This is Trailflat Church in deepest Dumfriesshire, Scotland. Had a great cycle and adventure to find it. You have to go through a farmyard to reach the Kirk, thankfully the farmer was there and said it was ok for me to visit, once he’d rounded up some stray sheep! Worth the trouble though.

The church fell out of use in 1650, would you believe, and was described as ruinous in 1687.

old kirkyard
following a single trail
in the undergrowth

The Windae

The Windae

If ye held up yer haun,
Aa the colours o a watergaw
Wid dance aroon yer fingers,

An the waarmth o the Sun
Wid singe the langer
O a boyhood efternin.

We’d watch the dust churnin
In the licht that lanced through
The broken stain-gless windae,

An staun on the very spot
Whar the rays split the stane
O the age-weathered flair.

The broken kirk wis oors,
Jist fir a wee while, we’d savour
Every shiver o the place.

We’d feel it then, richt enough,
Yon feelin o no bein alane,
O sumthin burnin beyon oorsels.

Or, maybe, it wis jist kenin
We wir sumwhar we shouldnae be,
An yon spark we felt within us

Wis jist the ghost o a candle flame,
Flickerin in the derk, refusin
Tae gan oot withoot a ficht.

Cottar Hoose

Cottar Hoose

The essence is still thair,
deep in the couped stanes
o yon auld cottar hoose.
It blooms in the gowaned field,
flickers through the privet,
blaws through the snecked gate,
reaches oot tae the wirld,
stops folk as they danner                                                                                                                             alang the brae road.

We’ve aa felt the shiver,
yon touch on the shooder,
an, evin though we ken,
thir’s nae such things as gaists,
we’ll aa mak siccar,
tae no pass in the gloamin.
Jist in case a shaddae shifts
on the lintel, or a cannle
burns fae a gapin windae.

thair - there
couped - toppled 
cottar hoose - cottage
gowaned - daisy covered
snecked - locked
danner - walk
brae - hill
yon - that
shooder - shoulder
ken - know
gaists - ghosts
mak siccar - make sure
gloamin - evening twilight
lintel - doorway.