Welcome to my blog “Photos-Poetry-Haiku”. I hope you enjoy your visit. I am an Amateur Photographer / Poet from Dumfries in beautiful South West Scotland. I enjoy Minimalist Photography, sometimes single images, sometimes multiple images on a theme. Most images here will be in colour but I’ll include black and white images too. My poems… Continue reading Welcome

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I wrote this in 2005 when Gleneagles in Scotland hosted a G8 meeting. My wife and I were on a cycling holiday in Holland and our son was at University in Edinburgh. Funny how I should unearth this poem shortly before Scotland hosts another international get together; COP 26, The United nations Climate Change Conference.… Continue reading G8


Willow On the other side of this calm river, A willow pushes up from its reflection. The Willow inhabits both air and water, it waves in the slow current of this world… …and another. Derek Ross

The Last Witch

In the Churchyard of Balmaclellan Church in South West Scotland, you’ll find an unmarked stone. Some say it is just a standing stone, folklore says it marks the resting place of Elspeth McEwen, the last witch to be executed in Scotland. She was strangled and burned in Kirkcudbright in 1698.   Ah!, there ye are,… Continue reading The Last Witch


Unbroken They stop you on your way down a worn path. A seclude copse of twisted trees, storm blasted, yet beautiful, in their deformity, in their stubbornness. They beckon you, they force you to acknowledge them, to guess their age, to wonder how life can sometimes defy. You pass on, but you will return, and… Continue reading Unbroken


that sound beyond the mist water fall Derek Ross

Motion Abstracts

I’m enjoying the results of this camera movement technique. Really like the abstract feel to the images. Must be getting arty f***y in my old age!