Welcome to my blog “Photos-Poetry-Haiku”. I hope you enjoy your visit. I am an Amateur Photographer / Poet from Dumfries in beautiful South West Scotland. I enjoy Minimalist Photography, sometimes single images, sometimes multiple images on a theme. Most images here will be in colour but I’ll include black and white images too. My poems… Continue reading Welcome

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Forest Licht

Forest Licht Aa stopped an leuked abin, Thir wis a saft glister, That fell fae the tree taps, Curled aroon the branches, Tummled atween gowden leaves, An gaithered oan the forest flair. Aa reached oot, waatched shadaes Shift aroon ma fingers, Felt the sun oan ma palm. It wis as if ma thochts Had pairted,… Continue reading Forest Licht

More Autumn

This wood is just 5mins from my house, how lucky am I! The colours are just stunning this year.


Waterfall I was just standing, watching a waterfall, when I saw the earth flow between the rocks, and spread itself below my feet, heard the hiss at the edge of white water and lake. I felt the air shift, that soft rush on skin, that half formed tear, and I saw my shadow formed on… Continue reading Waterfall

Still Life

Not a branch of photography I have any experience with or tried that often. Experimented with the most basic of set ups on a rainy day in Scotland ( rain in Scotland?, hard to believe I know, but…). No drink involved, honest.

Autumn Haiku

a falling leaf caresses my face floats on autumn wood a solitary bird reveals itself dead leaf noticing the bones of my hand north wind in the tree tops birds gather on that tree I never noticed before a gold leaf the sun finding a leaf to hide behind there is that something about walking… Continue reading Autumn Haiku


I wrote this in 2005 when Gleneagles in Scotland hosted a G8 meeting. My wife and I were on a cycling holiday in Holland and our son was at University in Edinburgh. Funny how I should unearth this poem shortly before Scotland hosts another international get together; COP 26, The United nations Climate Change Conference.… Continue reading G8