In his longhouse in Caer Ligualid,
A figure stands by a smouldering hearth.
This is Urien,
                      Son of Cynfarch Oer
                      Son of Meirchian Gul
                      Son of Cenain
                      Son of Coel Hen
                      King of Rheged.
He is staring at the rising sparks,                                                                                                       Imagining figures forming in the smoke.
There is his lady, 
                           Morgan de Fay.
His sons,

Urien looks up,
Watching his family drift
Up to the dark roof timbers,
And wonders if this
Is what we all become,
Nothing but spirit and ashes,
A flickering of memory.

He fingers the cross
Around his neck.
His eyes seek the ravens
On the shield by the door.
He walks towards the light,
Crosses over the threshold,
And steps into his world.

(Caer Ligualid = Carlisle)

By photos,poetry and haiku by Derek Ross

I am a photographer/ poet from Dumfries in South West Scotland. I concentrate on minimalist images and prefer using an iPhone these days. As far as my writing is concerned, I usually write short poems (some in Scots dialect), hence my interest in haiku and related forms.


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