that sound beyond the mist water fall Derek Ross

Motion Abstracts

I’m enjoying the results of this camera movement technique. Really like the abstract feel to the images. Must be getting arty f***y in my old age!

A Small Wave…

A Small Wave A small wave rises, gathers strength, combines with others, becomes stronger, becomes one, rolls to shore, gains speed, turns to white and breaks, at last. It spreads, exhausted, on the waiting sands, pauses, for a while, is drawn down, seeps below, turns back until it finds the tide. Gathers again, becomes a… Continue reading A Small Wave…

On the beach…

Some long exposure pics taken at Bellhaven Beach, Dunbar, Scotland (obviously)


John I tried to read your name. John, I think, died 1663, aged one hundred. Where you as stubborn as your stone? Did you carve your name on the world as deeply as the letters that record your passing from our story? I found you by chance, in a corner of a rural graveyard, forgotten,… Continue reading John

Titanic Belfast.

Great museum in a fascinating building. Lots of folk don’t like it but I like it’s strong lines.


A wee poem about nothing else but being in the moment! Which is enough I reckon. Foreshore I walked as if walking was the only thing worth doing, and the sea was not far away, and the gulls soared and called above the foreshore I had chanced upon. Colours flowed by the path, and marram… Continue reading Foreshore